Firefox 96: Cookie Policy is designed to protect against cross-site requests

With the attribute set by default Same-Site=lax Mozilla wants to prevent the information released by users from being passed on without prior consent – such attacks by forging requests are called “Cross-Site-Request-Forgery (CSRF)”. A relief of the main thread, in which, among other things, JavaScript functions and the layout are loaded, should reduce loading times.

As usual, Firefox also fixes some bugs: WebRTC, the standard for real-time video communication, sometimes led to a reduced resolution when sharing the screen. Also fixed a bug where videos were occasionally disconnected from the SSRC identifier. On macOS, videos opened in a separate window in full-screen mode were temporarily disabled due to incorrect playback, missing subtitles and high processor load.

To increase the audio quality when surfing, the Firefox update is said to bring improvements in noise and echo suppression and automatic gain control (AVR) to avoid clipping.

Since Firefox Version 96, links in Google Mails can be opened in a new tab with the command key and a click on macOS.

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