Firm Arms: 5 Simple Exercises

Bye bye waving arms!
5 exercises for firm upper arms

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Do you also get annoyed about slack upper arms? These five simple exercises will help you define your arms – and you can easily do them at home!

Summer is here – and with it tops and T-shirts are right at the front of our wardrobe again. But one or the other may not be particularly pleased with the thought of showing their arms openly.

Because women in particular often have to struggle with so-called waving arms, in which the skin hangs down rather loosely. The reason: On the one hand, the general weight, on the other hand, the skin quickly loses its elasticity over time, especially on the arms. Fortunately, nobody has to be satisfied with it if they don’t want to – There are simple exercises that women can use to work out tight upper arms. And you can do this very easily from home!

Five easy exercises for toned upper arms

These tips will turn your upper arms into real eye-catchers:

1. Arm and leg elevation

With this simple exercise, you not only train your arms, but also your legs and back. To do this, stand on four feet and then stretch out one arm and one leg in opposite directions – for example the left arm and the right leg. Keeping your back straight, hold the pose for about five seconds and take deep breaths in and out. Then the side is changed.

2. Crescent rotation

In the so-called half-moon rotation, the shoulders, biceps and triceps are in the foreground. Stand up straight with your legs slightly apart and extend your arms to your sides. Rotate your hands so that the thumbs are facing the ceiling first then rotate your arms until your thumbs are pointing straight ahead. Do the rotation 30 times, making sure that your arms are really stretched out.

3. Lateral lifting plank

If you want to do something not only for your arms but also for your shoulders and back, the side lifting plank is just the right exercise for you. To do this, start with a side plank: Lie stretched out on your side, then prop yourself up using your elbows and feet to lift your body off the floor in a straight line. Then extend the other arm up in the air. Advanced users can also hold a weight like a small dumbbell with their outstretched arm.

4. Overhead triceps lift

This exercise really goes into your arms! Stand upright with your legs slightly apart and a small dumbbell in each hand. Then extend one arm straight above your head, bend it behind your head, and then extend it back up. Support your arm with the other side of your hand to keep it straight. Make sure that your muscles are tense at all times and that you do not hunch your shoulders. The stronger your arms get, the more weight you should use in the exercise.

5. Push-ups with a ball

Finally, a great advanced exercise for the upper body! First go into the plank – so lie on your stomach and push yourself up off the floor with your toes and forearms. Put one hand on a ball and put the other hand on the floor. Then go a little lower and come back up – in a kind of odd push-up. Try a total of five push-ups per side.


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