“First in the ranking”, Internet users scandalized by the elimination of Keiona

This Friday, April 19, 2024, Keiona was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, on the verge of the final. And this, while she was first in the ranking. Internet users see red! We tell you everything.

The atmosphere was tense this Friday April 19, 2024, on the set of Dance with the stars, despite the little hug between Inès Reg and Anthony Colette. Last week, Black M and James Denton had been eliminated from the competition. And during this prime, two couples of dancers also had to bow out. Each duo therefore presented a first dance to collect the judges’ scores.

And Keiona stood out during a argentinian tango, on the title Disenchanted by Mylène Farmer thus recovering 38 points from the 4 members of the jury. With 38 points, Keiona was therefore first in the ranking. While Roman Doduik was eliminated after his cha-cha with Ana Riera which did not convince the jurors.

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Keiona first in the ranking and eliminated from the competition

After this first elimination, the last candidates in the running, namely Inès Reg, Nastaha St-Pier, Nico Capone and Keiono only had one minute and 45 seconds to prepare their second dance. A completely crazy challenge that the candidates nevertheless managed to meet with flying colors! And after this second improvised dance, all candidates were put to public vote.

And unfortunately, the public voted and chose to eliminate Keiona, on the verge of the final. A surprising elimination since the winner of Drag Race France was first in the rankings this week. She even managed to get two 10s, from Fauve Hautot and Mel Charlot and a 9 from Chris Marques, although he is known for giving bad marks.

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Internet users do not take off

Since Keiona was not saved by the audience despite her impressive dance and first place on the leaderboard, her popularity could therefore be questioned. However, many Internet users protested on X (former Twitter) after the elimination of the Drag Queen. Enough to give credit to Black M’s theory. As a reminder, the rapper is convinced that the competition is rigged and that the public vote too.

“Keiona who gives us two 10s and a 9 from Chris and who finds herself eliminated? No sorry but I don’t accept”, “Like she’s first in the rankings and she’s eliminated?? What’s wrong?”, “They’ve just eliminated the best dancer there”, “Disappointed but unfortunately not surprised given the treatment of Keiona throughout the season”, “A final without Keiona and Maxime, all very bland”, can be read in particular on TF1 to attend the final of Dance with the starswhich will take place between Nico Capone, Natasha St-Pier and Inès Reg.

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