First news on Morgane, Karadec and season 3 of ”HPI”

The 8 episodes of 52 minutes of season 3 of ”HPI” are currently being filmed in the Hauts-de-France region.

At the end of season 2 of the TF1 phenomenon series, Morgane Alvaro (Audrey Fleurot) and Adam Karadec (Mehdi Nebbou) kissed (finally) … The problem is that Karadec is still in a relationship and above all that Morgane has just discovered that Romain, his ex who disappeared years ago, is not dead but has rebuilt his life with another woman in England. For the one who was already wondering if her character was scaring away the people she loves, this discovery has something to reinforce her doubts…

At the start of the new season, Morgane has to deal with a broken family for the third time, a new house that is falling apart and a father who is determined to come back into her life: Serge Alvaro (Patrick Chesnais). Serendipity sipper, genius schemer, HPI like her, Serge is the reflection of a Morgane who would have gone wrong. Will her return allow Morgane to learn more about herself?

Will Morgane stay at PJ Lille?

Because between this kiss exchanged with Karadec and the resolution of the investigation into Romain, it makes you wonder if Morgane has an interest in remaining a consultant at the Lille PJ… She has nevertheless become essential to the police station and has closer to Céline (Marie Denarnaud), Daphné (Bérangère Mac Neese), Gilles (Bruno Sanches) and of course Karadec… who are still counting on her to solve an avalanche of crimes as complex as they are mysterious, such as the death of a star music in the making, an investigation in prison, in an ashram, and even a vampire in a medical school!

Still just as biting, twisting, raw and sometimes crazy, Morgane will have to keep running behind her genius brain but also behind her heart, which also seems to have decided to walk on its own…

As for the audience, the channel hopes that it will once again be there, aiming for at least 10 million viewers…

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