first quack revealed by Vitaa behind the scenes, “It starts well”

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The Enfoirés concert tour begins on January 12, 2023. Vitaa, who is part of the troupe, reported a small problem during rehearsals, this Friday, January 6.

From January 12, 2023, The bastards begin their annual concert tour. The opportunity for the public to find emblematic artists of the troupe who have joined the adventure since the genesis of the project. This is particularly the case of Mimie Mathy who has participated in charity concerts for 25 years already or even Patrick Bruel who has more than 30 concerts with the troupe founded by Coluche to his credit. Proof that it is a great adventure although it sometimes happens that certain artists can sometimes have disappointments like the singer Grégoire.

The 2023 edition of Motherfuckers will be held this time at the Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon from January 12 to 16. And for the first time since the pandemic Covid-19, the six concerts will take place in public to the delight of fans of the song. Those who do not have the opportunity to attend this series of concerts will have to wait until March to discover the show broadcast on TF1.

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A backstage incident during rehearsals

While the rehearsals for the show of Motherfuckers began this Friday, January 6, 2023, the singer Vitaa, who joined the troupe in 2020, reported a little hiccup that took place behind the scenes. During a fitting of the singer to prepare the show during which The bastards unveil their new anthem co-written this year by Amir, Nazim and Nyadjiko, the troupe’s costume designer was injured. A small incident that Vitaa shared with its subscribers in story on instagram. “It starts well! I killed his finger… Three to close a boot”writes the mother of three children.

The accident took place while the singer was trying on a pair of pink heeled ankle boots that the artist did not hesitate to share in a photo with the staff responsible for helping her during the fitting, including the “poor chacha” who injured her finger a few days before the start of the tour. So let’s hope the situation improves for the big day. Vitaa is in any case delighted to be part of the adventure, as she had explained to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure in 2020, when she joined the troupe on the advice of her friend Slimane. “People are incredibly kind and caring. I’m talking about the public but also the volunteers that we meet everywhere in the boxes. We are in a kind of cocoon. Slimane had told me nothing but good things about it. I was expecting something good but not to this extent”declared the singer after her first participation.

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