Fishnet tights: probably the coolest fashion trend in 2020

Do you already know the mega trend of tomorrow? Yes, please! We took a close look at the Fashion Week in Berlin and found a piece that not only graced countless model legs on various shows, but also brought the influencers into fashionable flashes.

While ours still relies on simple opaque tights or models with sweet dots, the fashionistas are getting braver and are now choosing cool fishnet tights. But don't panic, we don't mean those tights that are at the very front of the window in the canvas shop, but rather those that easily lift your look to the next trend label. Admittedly a bit of courage means wearing your new favorite accessories in the beginning, but with a few simple tips you can achieve a really cool style in no time at all.

The right fishnet tights

Fishnet tights are not always fishnet tights, that would be too easy. With the new Trendpiece, you should definitely pay attention to the mesh size – and show some flair. Meshes that are too small or too large quickly look for cladding, so the golden mean is decisive here.

Irene Luft shows it off at her collection presentation at Berlin Fashion Week. She sent all models in fishnet tights across the runway, relying on black models with medium-sized meshes.

This is how you style fishnet tights

The fishnet tights of tomorrow cannot completely shake off the slightly wicked charm, but why also? The right combination partner is crucial here. In order to "neutralize" the already sexy look due to the tights, we use feminine dresses, cool midi skirts or high waist shorts made of high quality materials. Wool, silk, tweed or leather are the perfect companions here.

If that's still too much for you, choose the light version and wear the stockings under ripped jeans, palazzo pants or maxi dresses and thus only let a small part of the fishnet tights flash out.