Five films and series about extraterrestrials to enjoy with the family

Invisible, evolved, benevolent or completely idiotic: fiction is full of aliens, celestial creatures and spirits from beyond. Immediate embarkation for a journey through time and space, in the company of some of the most memorable of them.

“Super 8”: Encounters of the Third Kind by JJ Abrams

Fans ofA.k.a (2001-2006), raise your hand! Teenagers from the 1990s will be able to introduce their offspring to the world of JJ Abrams by introducing them to his first major personal film project, released in 2011. This disciple of Steven Spielberg (his co-producer) features a small town in 1980s plagued by unexplained phenomena after the collision of a train with a van with suspicious loading. Told through the eyes of a group of young teenagers who set out to shoot an amateur film in super-8, this beautiful science fiction production is also a touching learning story, as well as a reflection on the power of images . The film is complex, but, from the age of 10, kids will be captivated by the adventures of these little Americans barely older than them.

Film directed by JJ Abrams, with Kyle Chandler, Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning (United States, 2011, 110 min). Available on most VOD platforms.

“Stargate”: to infinity and beyond

“Stargate” (1994), by Roland Emmerich.

To change the Marvel tribe and franchises Star Warswe can currently watch on Prime Video this good old film from the veteran of the testosterone blockbuster, Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, 1996), which has not aged too badly since its release in 1994, and which, above all, is well above the average action film of the time. Between intergalactic journey and temporal odyssey, here is at least a world that our little ones have not yet heard of, and which contains enough poetry, action and humor to ensure a good Saturday evening with the family. With a little luck, they will fall under the spell of Richard Dean Anderson and you can introduce them to it in the process. MacGyverthe cult series from the 1980s. The film is almost for all audiences, but, before 7 or 8 years old, the plot is a bit complicated.

Film directed by Roland Emmerich, with James Spader, Richard Dean Anderson, Kurt Russell (United States, 1994, 116 min). On demand on Prime Video.

“Mars Attacks!” »: Martian, despicable and evil

“Mars Attacks!”  » (1996), by Tim Burton.

Another idea for an old-fashioned sci-fi evening, but with a little cinephile thrown in, Tim Burton’s classic released in 1996 is a good option for kids aged around 12 and up. Carried by a very chic choral cast (Natalie Portman, Jack Nicholson, Annette Bening, Sarah Jessica Parker, Pierce Brosnan… All of Hollywood wanted to be there), this chronicle of an Earth invaded by ugly creatures, stupid and not nice will delight everyone, both for its outdated aesthetic and for its (black) sense of humor. For those wondering how humanity would react in such a case, Mars Attacks! is an excellent (and much more exciting) option when facing the Three-body problemthe Chinese SF series produced by the creators of Game Of Thrones and broadcast on Netflix since March 21.

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