Five ideas for experiencing the adventure as a family


Adventure is adventure, including with children. This is the bet of Thibault Liebenguth, who tried the experiment with his own. Result: a guide of 42 courses for all tastes (Family Adventures, 42 ideas for traveling in the great outdoors with your children, Voyages Gallimard, 272 pages, 25 euros, to be published on May 19). At each age, its adventure. Always with the idea that immersion in nature remains the best way to make young people, like their parents, aware of its protection. And having fun is even better.

On the paths of the Vexin on the back of a donkey

The youngest kid is only 4 years old? Put it on a donkey! And there is no need to embark, like Stevenson, in the Cévennes, for a donkey baptism. To get in step with the animal, bet modestly on the Vexin. The vast limestone plateau delimited by the Seine to the south, the Oise to the east, the Epte to the west and the Troesne and the Esches to the north, lends itself perfectly to a mule ride.

In Longuesse (Val-d’Oise), we equip Colonel, Anatole, Cotton or Réglisse, the donkeys of Gilles, their owner, for a hike of two bucolic half-days. The trapper-style bivouac with sausages and potatoes cooked over a wood fire is the climax of the adventure. From sunken lanes in meadows, to the rhythm of the donkey grazing at regular intervals, time stretches out and offers the possibility of listening to the birdsong.

A seaside hike around Collioure

On the Vermeille coast, the cove of Peyrefite (Pyrénées-Orientales).

The child is 8 years old, he hops like a goat: sell him the hiking-swimming-diving combo in the Big Blue. The customs footpath that connects Argelès-sur-Mer (Pyrénées-Orientales) to Spain runs in balconies above the translucent waters, descends and meanders from cove to beach. In three days, at the rate of a few hours of daily walking, we reach Cap Cerbère. Along the way, the little ones will first have dipped their feet in the water on the rocks, sailed through the vineyards and contemplated the lighthouse-bell tower which watches over the port of Collioure.

Until Banyuls-sur-Mer, the path climbs on the cornices and plunges towards coves of fine sand. There is the time and the irresistible desire to go wriggle with the fish of the marine nature reserve of Cerbère-Banyuls. Once everyone has watched the wrasse spin and if there is a little juice left, a sea kayaking trip is always possible. It’s a safe bet that no one will moan in their sleeping bag at the municipal campground.

A few pedal strokes along the Atlantic

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