Fix a red light to slow down the decline in vision? : Current Woman Le MAG

We know that with age, retinal sensitivity and color vision are altered and our eyesight decreases. Could we fight this natural phenomenon tomorrow by simply scanning a red light for a few minutes a day? This is what a team of London researchers suggests.

Scientists measured the sensitivity of retinal rods and cones on a small group of participants at the start of the experiment. They renewed their measurements after two weeks during which everyone had to scan a deep red light beam of 670 nm for three minutes a day thanks to a small LED torch.

Results *: the researchers noted significant improvements, especially in terms of sensitivity to color contrast and better vision in poor light, in participants over 40 years of age. Positive indicators, which Professor Glen Jeffery welcomes, who explains: “Our study shows that it is possible to significantly improve the vision that has diminished in the elderly by using simple brief exposures to light wavelengths that recharge the energy system that has declined in the cells of the retina. ”

The study still remains to be taken with caution because it only involved 24 participants. However, positive results had already been seen in previous research on mice, bumblebees and flies. Results to be confirmed but promising, especially since this simple, safe and inexpensive technology could be massively used. To be followed closely !

* Appeared in the Journal of Gerontology.

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