Flavie Flament, back on her beauty evolution

Since her debut as a TV presenter to her career as a radio host, Flavie Flament has changed a lot. A look back at her beauty evolution in pictures.

When we think of Flavie Flamentwe immediately imagine her youthful blondness and her square cut both of which have become her beauty signatures. It was in the 2000s, and more specifically on the TF1 channel, that the presenter ofExclusive met with great success. She became a key figure on the small screen by subsequently hosting a multitude of variety shows on the channel.

Less present in recent years on television sets, Flavie Flament now flourishes in her radio show dedicated to well-being Here we are! on RTL. After writing two autobiographical novels and revealing the many traumas (relationship problem with her mother, rape, domestic violence) that were hidden behind her smile and her quest for recognition, the one who is today mother of two boys feels better than ever and has finally found the look that suits her. A more assertive version of the hairstyles she’s worn for the past twenty years.

Flavie Flament, her hair evolution

Quite faithful in terms of coloring as when it comes to haircuts, Flavie Flament has nevertheless tried several variants of her favorite hairstyles – mid-length degraded cut and short bob – before finding herself today. today through a casual blonde bob, structured by a few framing locks. Daring more or less degraded or unstructured cuts, sometimes longer or shorter, she remained faithful to these two looks by oscillating from one to the other. To breathe new life into them, she transformed them by embellishing them with a streak on the side or real bangs, depending on her mood at the time. On the coloring side, on the other hand, the presenter is an unconditional blonde. First worn in lighter streaks over her dark blonde base, she then tried several shades, from streaked golden blonde to polar platinum blonde.

Flavie Flament’s beauty look: discreet make-up

To her unified complexion, she sometimes adds a line of kohl and often a touch of mascara but rarely more. On a few occasions, she has tried to accentuate her eye make-up a little to give them a more smoky look, but what she likes the most is a natural look to highlight her brown eyes. Discreet lipstick and gloss that bring a hint of shine to her lips often complete her very natural beauty.

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