Flavie Flament deceived by Benjamin Castaldi, the host without filter: “I had the fire …”

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This Tuesday, March 7, the host Benjamin Castaldi indulged in a few confidences on the set of Chez Jordan on C8. He returned to his past as a seducer as well as his second marriage with Flavie Flament with whom he is still cold today.

The couple Benjamin Castaldi and Flavie Flament has been a dream for many years, they have represented for more than six years one of the most emblematic couples of the French PAF. Is the early 2000s that these two personalities of French television meet. So at the height of their career, Benjamin Castaldi as the conductor of the first reality TV show in France, loft storyand Flavie Flament, star presenter of TF1 married in 2002. A real event, this wedding is followed by all the celebrity magazines and the couple is talked about a lot.

Two years later, in February 2004, the couple welcomed a little boy, Enzo. Two more years of married life will follow before Benjamin Castaldi and Flavie Flament split up in 2006 to divorce in 2008. A separation which will not have been easy since a lot of rumors and indiscretions were noted at that time. More than fifteen years after their divorce, the situation does not seem to have improved between the two former lovers, as revealed by Benjamin Castaldi at the microphone of At Jordan’s this Tuesday, March 7, 2023. “It’s quite complicated, but it doesn’t matter, that’s life. All that is unfortunately the consequences of a complex life as far as I’m concerned and as far as she’s concerned, but I don’t blame her, that’s how it is… “says the ex-presenter of Secret Story.

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“My fault is that my ass was on fire”

The host and columnist of Do not touch My TVdon’t explain no longer have contact with the mother of her third son, Enzo. A resentment that he now understands almost fifteen years after the separation: “If I’m honest, I have to admit that for once, I haven’t been the most faithful husband in the world… I was very nice, but my fault was that I was on fire.he explains without jargon. “On the other hand, I was an attentive, considerate and very generous husband! But I was going right, left, front and back… I was going everywherehe adds very frankly.

Behavior for which the presenter has no never apologized rhe knows. Fortunately, the years have passed and today Benjamin Castaldi is happier than ever alongside his fourth wife, Aurore Aleman. They also welcomed a baby boy, Gabriel, in August 2020.

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