Flavie Solar Flament: bikini, coconut palms and fine sand… She lives her best life on a paradise island!

Life is beautiful for Flavie Flament. The host published on May 11 on Instagram some photos of her on vacation. On the program, swimming pool, crystal clear water and azure sky. Something to make your subscribers salivate.

Summer is barely showing the tip of its nose that some are already taking a dip. This is the case of Flavie Flament, who while basking in the sun shared some snaps of her sweet stay on Wednesday, May 11. In the series of photos published on Instagram by the host of D-Day on RTL, some selfies from her radiant face, natural in the swimming pool, coconut trees and a hotel complex to make her subscribers who are stuck in the office pale with envy. In legend, Antoine and Enzo’s mother quotes Dalida: “Itsi bitsi tini ouini“.

But where is the ex-girlfriend of Benjamin Castaldi? The answer is in his post. The name of the hotel, Paradise Cove, leads straight to the platform of the establishment located at Mauritius. The island in the Indian Ocean is renowned for its heavenly setting and its magnificent turquoise beaches. A great way to start the summer for the one who claimed to be single in 2019, after several long relationships.

The heavy past of Flavie Flament

If she is flourishing today, Flavie Flament has come a long way. The host revealed in 2016 to have been abused in her youth by photographer David Hamilton. The latter committed suicide a few months later. Interviewed by Closer, his mother, Catherine Luce, said to herself “in peace“. The latter had not supported her daughter, advising her to find a “good doctor“. Flavie Flament confided that she had cut ties with her family for years, “I only date people I like and who want me well“, she explained to Paris Match. A beautiful decision which now makes her crunch life to the fullest.


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2/12 –

Flavie Flament
On Flavie Flament’s program, blue sky, coconut palms and hot sand.

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3/12 –

Flavie Flament
Flavie Flament did not hesitate to display her beautiful natural face in the pool.

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4/12 –

Flavie Flament
A cloudless blue sky that Flavie Flament wanted to share with its subscribers this May 17.

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5/12 –

Flavie Flament
Flavie Flament is in Mauritius, in a luxury hotel.

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6/12 –

Flavie Flament and Jean-Luc Delarue
Flavie Flament recently paid tribute to Jean-Luc Delarue, who died in 2012, with whom she became known in the early 2000s.

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7/12 –

Flavie Flament and her son Antoine
Flavie Flament has two children, Antoine and Enzo. She never fails to share sweet selfies with her two sons.

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8/12 –

Flavie Flament
Since her debut in 1989, Flavie Flament has become an essential animator of the PAF.


9/12 –

Flavie Flament and Benjamin Castaldi
Flavie Flament had a highly publicized relationship with Benjamin Castaldi. They married in 2002.


10/12 –

Flavie Flament
Flavie Flament is 47 years old.


11/12 –

Flavie Flament
Flavie Fament is also the author of several books, including a novel entitled Les Chardons.


12/12 –

Flavie Flament and her ex-companion Vladimir
During her life, Flavie Flament had several relationships, including an idyll with Vladimir, a real estate consultant.

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