Flight cancelled? This is how you get your money back with the help of the consumer advice centre

Canceled flights and long queues at check-in and security: For many Britons, spring break started in early June with a lot of airport frustration. The problems were caused by a lack of staff at the airlines and airports.

Lufthansa and Eurowings have already canceled hundreds of flights for July. The head of the air traffic control union recently warned of unprecedented chaos at German airports this summer and called on politicians to take action.

Travelers quickly find themselves in a limbo of rebooking, hotlines that are hard to reach, and possible claims for payment.

Rummaging through the passenger rights regulation yourself and then contacting the airlines – many people shy away from this effort. The Flugärger app, for example, can be helpful hereof the consumer center NRW. With the free application, available for iOS and Android, travelers can check their claims and write an email to the airline.

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