Flood disaster 2021: Help those affected by floods with donations

Flood disaster in 2021
Help those affected by floods with donations

People are missing, the number of deaths is rising steadily, families are losing their homes and all their belongings. The stern foundation wants to support those affected and for this we need your help.

Seldom before has a weather-related situation in Germany claimed so many lives. The water levels at dams lead to floods, entire regions are left without electricity and mobile communications, and some rail traffic is idle. There is great sympathy for those affected and the willingness to help in the population.

Initially, the regions of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate were particularly affected, followed by Bavaria and East Saxony. Chancellor Angela Merkel made herself a picture of the situation in the Eifel and promised help to the people after the flood disaster. “We will not leave you alone in this difficult, terrible hour and we will also help when it comes to reconstruction,” the Chancellor promised. The suffering of those affected is very close to her. July 15th was a day of fear for life and property, a day of worry and despair. Hundreds of thousands should have seen homes become death traps.

Floods in Germany – donate now!

It is one of the greatest severe weather disasters of the post-war period in Germany. Although the rescue measures are still in full swing, the number of deaths is already significantly higher than in the so-called century flood of 2002, in which 21 people died in Germany.
The stern foundation will support those affected and is dependent on donations for this. Any amount helps. Thanks!

Source: stern.de