Flood disaster: ARD is planning a benefit evening with Ingo Zamperoni

Flood disaster
ARD is planning a benefit evening with Ingo Zamperoni

On July 23, Ingo Zamperoni will speak to those affected, experts and helpers in Cologne about the storm disaster.

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On Friday, the first will hold a benefit evening from 8:15 p.m. The special broadcast is intended to collect donations for the flood victims.

For Friday, July 23rd, the ARD has planned a charity day for the victims of the flood disaster and as a sign of solidarity in Germany. According to a press release on many ARD radio waves, the special event begins at 7 a.m. and ends in a live broadcast from 8:15 p.m. on Das Erste in the evening.

The program will be moderated by Ingo Zamperoni (47), who will hold talks with those affected, experts and helpers in Cologne, while Sarah von Neuburg (38) reports from Leipzig. Both people “who have lost everything”, as well as those who offer concrete help and people who experienced similar things during the floods in 2002 and 2013 should have their say. Your stories and experiences should give you courage. Together with “Aktion Deutschland hilft – Alliance of German Aid Organizations”, the radio waves and Das Erste also call for donations to support those affected.

Appearances by Herbert Grönemeyer, Sarah Connor, Max Giesinger …

Numerous artists will also perform live at the benefit evening. There are greats like Herbert Grönemeyer (65), Sarah Connor (41), Peter Maffay (71), Roland Kaiser (69), Die Prinzen, Max Giesinger (32), Max Mutzke (40), Jeannette Biedermann (41) , Yvonne Catterfeld (41), Joris (31), Frida Gold and Brings. “We stick together – the ARD charity evening for the flood disaster” is a collaboration between SWR, WDR, MDR, BR, NDR and Kimmig Entertainment.

Just one day later, on July 24th, Sat.1 also planned a TV donation gala. Here too, donations are to be generated together with the Alliance of German Aid Organizations under the motto “Germany helps”. Numerous celebrities from Marlene Lufen (50) to Frank Rosin (55) sit on the phone from 8:15 p.m. and take them.