Floodlights and undersoil heating off: energy crisis puts pressure on the game plan of the second division

Floodlights and lawn heating off
Energy crisis puts second-division club under pressure

Savings are to be made in Nuremberg, which is what the city wants due to the energy crisis. She doesn’t stop at professional football with her plans either. In the Max Morlock Stadium, floodlights and turf heating are to be switched off in the evening. But this is not easy to do.

The lights are supposed to go out at 1. FC Nürnberg in the evening. That’s what the city wants, which wants to severely restrict floodlighting in the Max Morlock Stadium. A statement from the Nuremberg City Council states that the lights should be on until 9 p.m. at the latest. The lawn heating would also be affected by the measures.

This makes it almost impossible for the second division soccer team to play Saturday evening games. These take place in the 2nd league at 8.30 p.m. Only once this season had the German Football League dated a Nuremberg game at such a time, the club lost against Hamburger SV on the sixth day 0:2.

The background to the Nuremberg measures is the energy crisis, and the city wants to take cost-cutting measures. However, these are only possible with the consent of the DFL. According to the city council, such an agreement is still pending.

The game plan up to the World Cup in Qatar has been scheduled since the beginning of September. It doesn’t go against the city’s plans. All 1. FC Nürnberg home games are scheduled for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The last home game before the long World Cup break will take place on November 13th, when SC Paderborn will be visiting Franconia.

After that, the 2nd league will only continue in the new year. The 18th match day is for the weekend of 28/29. scheduled for January. The current table-13. has a home game again and welcomes 1. FC St. Pauli.

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