Florent Pagny facing cancer: Carla Bruni reveals a reassuring photo and announces a mysterious project

Friday June 2, 2023, Carla Bruni shared on Instagram a series of photos in which she appears alongside Florent Pagny. The opportunity for the singer to announce a mysterious project…

Despite the illness, the singer continues to smile at life! Friday June 2, 2023, Florent Pagny returned to the recording studios. On Instagram, it was her friend Carla Bruni who sold the wick by sharing a series of photos where the duo appears all smiles. “Work and a lot of fun, as always with you dear Florent“, she wrote in the caption, before adding: “We’ve only been laughing for thirty years.“In the comments section, many netizens rejoiced. We can thus read: “Can’t wait to discover this voice duo!“; “Very nice photo of you, Carla, and Florent! Can’t wait to find out what’s going on!” ; but also : “Thanks in advance. I’m sure this duo will be a gem!

A few days earlier, Florent Pagny had mentioned his cancer treatment. In an interview given to Gala Thursday, June 1, 2023, the singer said: “I did a little studio with Kendji and Vianney. My voice is fine, it is not affected by the treatment. That’s not the problem. What worries me is my oxygen. The products you take during cancer treatment lower your hemoglobin and therefore oxygen.” Optimist, the famous interpreter of Know how to love added: “I’ll be fine, because the good news is that chemo is behind me now. I will resume the immunotherapy treatment that I had interrupted. I shouldn’t have stopped anyway. Now I know it’s going to be a long time, I’ve learned what a recurrence of cancer is, so I’m going to continue to check up and do this immuno every three weeks.

Carla Bruni: “Florent will fight like a boss”

A longtime friend of the singer, Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife always knew that Florent Pagny would recover from this ordeal. Wednesday January 26, 2022, at the microphone of BFMTV, she had already assured: “Knowing Florent Pagny, his wife and his family very very well – he has been a dear friend of mine for a very long time – I know that Florent will fight like a leader. He will take this ordeal as he has always done in his life: that is to say with courage, tranquility, frankness.

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