Florian David Fitz: The actor is currently in the hospital

Florian David Fitz
The actor is currently in the hospital

Florian David Fitz at the German Film Ball in January 2020.

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Actor Florian David Fitz is in the hospital. He reveals to his followers why he had to undergo an operation.

Florian David Fitz (46, “Vincent wants sea”) contacted his Instagram followers from the hospital bed. The actor is currently recovering from an operation, as he reveals on the social network: “I’m currently in the hospital after a spinal disc operation,” he writes specifically about a photo of himself.

The post also stated that he had ample opportunity to “hear the nursing staff’s stories”. That puts a lot of things into perspective, he continues. Under the hashtag #allesdichtmachen followed by three question marks, Fitz also refers to the action of his fellow actors, who caused a stir with their criticism of the German government’s corona policy on Friday. He would like to “say thank you”, he writes in another hashtag.

Well-being wishes from colleagues

In the comments there are many well-being wishes for Florian David Fitz. Acting colleague Alexandra Maria Lara (42) wishes, for example, “Get well soon, Florian” and his colleague and good friend Matthias Schweighöfer (40) also writes “Get well soon, my rabbit”. Another follower jokes in a comment “Dr. Marc Meier in the operating room please!” alluding to Fitz’s role as a surgeon in the Doctor’s Diary series (2008-2011).