Florian Silbereisen: He celebrates his TV birthday without Helene Fischer

Florian Silbereisen
He celebrates his TV birthday without Helene Fischer

Florian Silbereisen turned 40 on August 4th.

© imago / Christian Schroedter

Florian Silbereisen celebrated his 40th birthday with a big show. For a long time, fans had hoped for an appearance by Helene Fischer.

Florian Silbereisen had his 40th birthday on August 4th. On Saturday evening (August 14th, 8:15 pm, the first) the presenter and singer celebrated his special day in Gelsenkirchen with a live TV show. In addition to his birthday, he was also about to celebrate his 30th stage anniversary. Stars such as Andrea Berg, Andy Borg, Beatrice Egli, DJ Ötzi, Ross Antony and Jürgen Drews were on the guest list for “The Big Hit Beach Party for Birthday”.

The fans had also hoped for a special surprise guest: Silbereisen’s former girlfriend, superstar Helene Fischer (37, “Breathless through the night”). The two were a couple from 2008 to 2018. At the beginning of August Fischer released the new song “Vamos A Marte” together with Latino star Luis Fonsi (43, “Despacito”).

“No Helene to surprise”

However, the audience waited in vain for Fischer to appear. “I hope in Helene, but I think Andrea Berg will be ‘the highlight’ of the show and will be the last to appear”, wrote a Twitter user and was right. Also in other comments on social media the disappointment got through: “I watched the #Schlagerstrandparty for a whole evening and didn’t get Helene. When does she have her show comeback? First at the #HeleneFischerShow?” asked another user. “No Helene to surprise,” it was said in the end.

Silbereisen was still happy about a successful show. He thanked them in an Instagram story then everyone who congratulated: “It was a great pleasure to go live with the audience again. It was a great party.”