Florian Silbereisen: “I will of course remain loyal to the ‘dream ship'”

Florian Silbereisen
“I will of course remain loyal to the ‘dream ship'”

Florian Silbereisen remains the “dream ship” captain.

© ZDF / Dirk Bartling

Florian Silbereisen has extended his contract as “Traumschiff” captain and will be dancing at two major TV weddings in the future.

The trembling and fear of the fans has come to an end: Florian Silbereisen (39) remains the captain of the “dream ship” (ZDF). “With the early extension I would like to make it very clear: I will of course remain loyal to the ‘dream ship’,” he says in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper. And adds: “I am extremely grateful to the ZDF team that they had the courage to tackle the traditional series from scratch.”

According to the announcement, he has now extended the contract with the broadcaster prematurely to 2024. The previous contract would have expired at the end of 2021 and included two episodes.

Uncertainty after the “DSDS” decision

After RTL dropped the “DSDS” jury bombshell a few days ago and presented Silbereisen as the new boss, the question arose whether he could remain “Traumschiff” captain for scheduling reasons. This question has now been clarified.

The presenter and pop musician Captain Max Parger has been playing on the popular TV cruiser, which set sail for the first time 40 years ago, since 2019.