Florian Silbereisen: Sänger has complete understanding for his Klubbb3 colleague


Last Wednesday, Jan Smit (34) made an emotional statement about his state of health. The member of the band Klubbb3 ("You can do it") had already withdrawn from the public in November 2019 because he "was no longer physically or mentally able to perform or present programs," explains Smit in the current statement, which he among other things on twitter published in three different languages. In November it was said that he suffered from severe physical complaints after a larynx. His time out would continue and he had to postpone further concerts, however painful it was, according to Smit. But what happens to his band Klubb3? Florian Silbereisen has now commented on the "Bild" newspaper as a member of the band.

At first Silbereisen stated that he had complete understanding for the withdrawal of his colleague. "The most important thing is that Jan now takes the time he needs. Everything else is now completely unimportant," said Silbereisen. The third band member Christoff and he are always there for him when he needs them and they are in constant contact in a common WhatsApp group.


Band planning continues

Klubbb3 will of course only appear again when Jan is healthy and fit again, Silbereisen continues. However, further plans for the band have already been drawn up: "In the summer, new tracks will be prepared for the next album, which will then be recorded in the second half of the year. The new album will then be released in January." According to Silbereisen, however, no Klubb3 appearances are planned, since Jan Smit should "calmly" prepare for another project: He will moderate the song contest final in the Netherlands in mid-May.

Smit had already announced in his statement that this task would help him on his musical return: "This gives me the calm I need now and the time for musical inspiration. New songs by a born again Jan will certainly not be a problem. "