Florida carries out its vendetta against Disney

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Angered by opposition to a law that makes LGBT + people invisible at school, the very ambitious and reactionary Governor Ron DeSantis revoked Thursday the exceptional status enjoyed by the entertainment giant since 1967.

Hyperactive week for the Republican leader of the State of Florida: after having caused 41% of math textbooks to revolt, deemed to be not conservative enough, then redesigned and voted for a new electoral division that was archi-favorable to his party, Ron DeSantis has and well carried out his threat of retaliation against the Disney empire.

Few observers took this issue seriously, but faithful to the stature of the intractable puncher he intends to build, the very ambitious governor of the Sunshine State obtained, in a flash of time, the vote by the local legislature of the revocation of the exceptional status which the company had enjoyed since 1967. The Reedy Creek Improvement Act authorized Disney to administer the territory of its Disney World park and its surroundings with the prerogatives and autonomy of a kind of mini-government – ​​a real state within a state, empowered to approve its own development projects, collect its own taxes and provide public services over more than 100 square kilometres.

The measure was not even the subject of a debate within the House of Representatives of Florida: the Democratic opposition was busy protesting, in vain, against the proposed redrawing of the electoral map by the governor -even – which will drastically reduce their chances in the next elections and will annihilate the possibility, for minorities, of accessing fair representation –, so much so that the Republican majority has not…

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