FOAMSTARS: release date, game modes and nice gift for PlayStation Plus subscribers, the shooter is getting foamy

Last spring, during the PlayStation Showcase, Square Enix revealed a game far from its standards called FOAMSTARSa team-based shooter strongly reminiscent of Splatoonbut with foam and colorful characters. This exclusivity for PS5 and PS4 has been very discreet since despite an open beta, but the game’s official account promised us news for this Tuesday. The first and not least is its release date, which is imminent and will therefore fit into an already busy schedule, which is unlikely to help it stand out.

Indeed, FOAMSTARS will be released on February 6, 2024 on both consoles Sony Interactive Entertainment at the very low price of €29.99. But if you are subscribed to PlayStation Plusyou won’t need to spend a cent, because this will be one of the games offered next month, which can be collected until March 4. This scenario is very reminiscent of another exclusive service game, Destruction Allstars, which has since fallen into oblivion. Let’s hope that fate will be more favorable to this title.

And who says format live service implies the presence ofA Season Passwith a premium option costing €5.99which will directly unlock characters and cosmetic elements, a case reminiscent of Overwatch 2. Updates will be free throughout the year other than that. Note thatan Internet connection will be required to play itwhich is not very shocking for such a multiplayer production.

Below you will find details on the game modes and other content available at launch, as well as visuals on the following page. Know that every experience PvP will have three cards with a random selection at the start of the game.

Season Pass

Each season pass allows the player to unlock successive ranks by obtaining EXP during PvP battles, completing missions or winning challenges. With each new rank reached, players will be rewarded with items that will make their experience in FOAMSTARS even more enjoyable. All players will be able to unlock new characters, modes and maps, to make the most of the FOAMSTARS festivities. Players who purchased the Premium Season Pass will instantly unlock Season Pass characters as well as other season-exclusive cosmetic items.

Content available at launch

At launch, three PvP modes will be available (“Star Hunt”, “Mossy Survival” and “Rubber Duck Party”)as well as two PvE modes: “Foamstar” and “Squad Missions”without forgetting permanent challenges, limited-time or even weekly challenges. Six characters will be immediately available. Players will be able to unlock Mel T with the season pass, while The Baristador will be available by completing a permanent challenge. Each character has plenty of customization options, from their outfit and stickers to their slide board and the appearance of their foam gun. Players can even decorate the lobby with furniture to express their FOAMSTARS style.

New PvP mode: Rubber Duck Party

With the new “Rubber Duck Party” mode revealed today, players will experience a party like no other! Teams must rush towards the center of the battlefield to take possession of the duck. Climbing on it will direct it towards the opponent’s goal to achieve victory. Players can also dance while on the duck to generate a brief boost.

Player vs Environment Modes

“Foamstar” mode and “Squad Missions” are solo and co-op PvE modes where players will have to protect Bath Vegas from a foam invasion by fending off waves of random attacks. In Squad Missions, players will be able to upgrade their character after fending off a wave. Players can also complete challenges and gain more experience to complete the season pass faster by successfully completing missions.

If you would like to subscribe to PlayStation Plusgift cards are on sale on Amazon, to the Fnac And at the house of Cdiscount.

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