Focus on the lob, the ultra-trendy hairstyle of this season


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The lob is this long bob that we now see on all heads. But who does it look best, and what are the perks for this short haircut? We take stock.

Who says “September” says “novelties” and “big changes”. It is also very often at this time of the year that we go to the hairdresser. Firstly to repair the damage caused by the sun, salt and chlorine on our hair … but also to give a freshen up to our cup. But which hairstyle to opt for this start of the 2021 school year? Well, just take a look at the latest beauty looks from our favorite stars to see that the trend is in short hair.

There are those who have gone radically to the boyish cut like Charlene of Monaco, Léa Seydoux, Nicole Kidman or even more recently Stéphanie of Monaco; then there are others who have turned to the square. We think in particular of Ingrid Chauvin, Penelope Cruz or even Billie Eilish who cut everything. Even the influencers do not let tempt one after the other by the “lob”, this ultra trendy hairstyle.

What is the “lob”?

The lob is the contraction of words “long” and “bob”. In French, it means “long square”; or a square whose points are located between the chin and the collarbones. It adapts to all hair types and all textures ; although it is a must for thin hair. The lob has the ability to bring a certain volume to hair lacking in substance, especially when it is then worked with waves and a texturizing spray.

Good reasons to fall for the lob

The lob is THE trendy cut of this season; but that’s not the only (good) reason why you should fall for it. The lob is also the “practical” version of the so-called classic bob, the short bob. The long bob offers the possibility of adopting all kinds of different hairstyles. You can of course straighten your hair, wave it, curl it … but above all, with the lob, you will keep a minimum length for continue to tie them. Thus, it will always be possible to pull your hair into a ponytail, bun, or even a braid. The lob leaves a multitude of hairstyle possibilities. Feminine, stylish and trendy, dare the bob, you will not regret it!

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