Foldable cell phones: Google dares what Samsung dares not do


Google is working on a new foldable phone. According to rumors, the manufacturer is apparently considering a step that Samsung and other manufacturers are still shying away from.

There probably won’t be a Google Pixel Fold 2; according to rumors, the cell phone will appear as the Pixel 9 Pro Fold. (Source: Netzwelt)

Foldable cell phones, so-called foldables, are now available from many manufacturers. Samsung offers two such models with the Z Flip and the Z Fold; Motorola calls them Razr and Google calls them “Pixel Fold” – at least so far. The internet company is apparently considering a name change. Instead of Pixel Fold 2, the next generation of foldable cell phone will be called Pixel 9 Pro Fold and will be unveiled along with the other Pixel 9 models in the fall, reports Android Authority.

Google would be the first manufacturer to integrate its foldable cell phone as a model variant into the previous top smartphone line-up and not market it as a separate model series. This step seems to make sense, as the brand that has already been introduced reflects on the Pixel Fold and also makes its position in the manufacturer’s portfolio clearer.

Pixel Fold 2 becomes Pixel 9 Pro Fold

So far, however, Samsung, Motorola and Co. are still shying away from such a step. The reason for this is often pointed out behind closed doors that regular top smartphones such as the Galaxy S24 models from Samsung are still sold in significantly higher quantities and that manufacturers are not yet able to provide foldables in correspondingly high quantities.

Google doesn’t have this problem. Since 2016 the company has According to experts Only around 38 million Pixel smartphones have been sold worldwide. For comparison: According to market researchers from IDC, Samsung shipped over 60 million smartphones worldwide in the first quarter of 2024 alone.

Another argument that you often hear against integration into the regular top smartphone series is that the technology is still very new and people fear that teething problems will damage their image. Of course, this could also affect Google. It will therefore be exciting to see whether the company really decides to combine its two top smartphone series.

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