FOOTBALL LOWER HOUSE – Race for the title: There were only two

In the penultimate round of the football lower house, both Henndorf and Abtenau were crowned champions. On the other hand, it remains exciting until the last match day in the 2nd Landesliga Nord and the 2nd Klasse Nord A.

While the champions of the 2nd state league south, the two 1st classes and the 2nd class south were already certain, in the penultimate round, Henndorf (1st state league) and Abtenau joined the lower house champions. Coach Zoran’s team Thanks to a 5-2 win against Großgmain last Friday, Maric took the 2nd class North B crown. “They’re still partying today,” the champion coach reported about his boys on Sunday. On the other hand, it was exciting until the last matchday in both the 2nd regional league north and the 2nd class north A. ATSV Salzburg and Bergheim 1b, the next Season becomes the Bergheim reserve of the 1st state league can each cross the finish line with a win. Laurent Seiringer
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