Football, occultism & ethics: 5 YouTube channels to discover in December 2022

December is coming. Cold, snow, Christmas and our selection of YouTube channels. This time, it will be about history, ethics, occultism, football and video games.

In December, the prospect of the end of year celebrations will necessarily occupy an important place. But, if you want to clear your mind, here’s something to renew your subscriptions on YouTube. And, if you want more, feel free to browse our archives! Find us also on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. We hope to see you there!


Ethics and political philosophy are the two obsessions of Philoxisme, a channel run by Maxime, teacher-researcher. His project ? Talk about major contemporary ethical theories and use them to think about digital, pandemics and climate change. Great atmosphere. But, he promises funny gifs and animals, so that’s fine.

The Armchair Historian

The story told in the form of animated episodes? This is the goal of The Armchair Historian channel, which is aimed at English speakers. Hosted by Griffin, it is intended as an educational and entertainment medium. An example ? The evolution of the French military uniform. A large part of the videos focus on recent history, during the 20th century, but not only.

Dodge the Fireball

It’s the rule in a video game: when a ball rushes at you, you dodge it. It is also the name of a YouTube channel: Dodge the Fireball. If you have a passion for gaming and the time, dive into these lengthy reviews. For an hour, or even two, you will take as complete a tour as possible of titles that have marked their time.


What gives the crossing of culture and the occult? The Occulture channel. It talks about fairies, vampires, dragons, mythological and biblical references, myths and tales, strange creatures, forbidden works and dark rites. From the kraken to the Halloween pumpkin, passing through the wendigo, the mermaids, Satanism or the plagues of Egypt, you will travel!


Football deserves to be understood » : Wiloo thus sums up the spirit of his channel on YouTube. Since 2017, he has published many videos about this popular sport. In addition to tactical analyzes and interviews, this football enthusiast also has a more unexpected category, “Atypical analyses”. He discusses subjects as varied as the construction of a football stadium or the way in which the medical examination of a footballer takes place.

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