for Armin Laschet, everything is possible

With the approach of the German legislative elections of September 26, The world keeps the campaign log. A daily update, with events, images, polls, clips, slogans, figures and keywords that allow you to follow and experience this electoral competition at the end of which Angela Merkel will leave power, after sixteen years in the chancellery.

Could Armin Laschet be chancellor even if the CDU-CSU does not come first in the legislative elections, Sunday, September 26? In theory, nothing prevents it. If the Social Democratic Party (SPD) gets the best score but its candidate, Olaf Scholz, fails to form a majority because the political parties to which he would extend his hand would oppose him an end of inadmissibility, Armin Laschet could try to form a coalition. In the latest polls, the SPD is credited with 25% -26%, the CDU-CSU with 22%.

This is obviously very theoretical because the Greens have already indicated that they would rather govern with the Social Democrats than with the CDU-CSU, and the Liberal Democrats of the FDP have not ruled out the possibility of forming a so-called “coalition”. traffic light ”with the SPD and environmentalists, even if their leader, Christian Lindner, reiterated on Tuesday that his wish is that Armin Laschet becomes chancellor.

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In any case, the CDU-CSU candidate does not exclude this hypothesis: “Becomes chancellor whoever obtains a majority in the Bundestag”, he cautiously indicated on Monday, recalling that the game does not end on Sunday evening, but that Angela Merkel’s successor will not be officially appointed until a “coalition contract” has been sealed between parties wishing to govern together, and that the deputies will elect the future chancellor. This will not happen for several weeks or even several months.

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The Bavarian CSU is not on this line at all. “The number one place or the opposition”, repeated several times its leader, Markus Söder, excluding the hypothesis of a CDU-CSU remaining in power if the SPD comes out on top. “I cannot imagine that a governing party like the CDU-CSU which ruled Germany for more than fifty years and which marked so much in the history of this country could participate in a government as a junior partner of a coalition ”, also said Edmund Stoiber, Tuesday, the “patriarch” of the Bavarian CSU, former candidate for the chancellery.

A way of responding here too to Armin Laschet who did not formally exclude the hypothesis, also theoretical, of seeing his party form a new “grand coalition” with the SPD, but this time under the leadership of the latter, unlike which is the case today …

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