For Atlus fans, remake hopes rhyme with Persona

Too bad for fans of Raidou Kuzunoha, the detective of the occult, or even for fans of Digital Devil Saga and its two little-known parts that animated the PS2 era. It was indeed the different episodes of Persona and their high school adventures that came up repeatedly among the multiple answer choices.

In the absence of remakes in good and due form, we also remind you that episodes 3, 4 and 5 will return through new ports, and even an appearance in the Game Pass, with Persona 5 Royal first scheduled for the 21st. October, then the other definitive versions (Golden and Portable) in the coming months.

This 2022 survey allows us to draw a robot portrait of the most invested fans within the community. Either a predominantly male profile but not only (32.4% of respondents are women), and above all a relatively old audience: by combining the 37.1% of thirty-year-olds and the 21.7% of players aged 40 and more, the respondents are obviously older than the high school students they like to embody (see image opposite).

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