For David Lisnard, “the vaccine pass is also used as a political weapon”

Ugo Pascolo
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11:01 a.m., January 16, 2022

Guest of the Grand-Rendez-vous Europe 1/CNews/Les Échos, the president of the Association of Mayors of France, David Lisnard, considered that the vaccination pass is not only a health tool, but also a political weapon. A weapon used to “divide”, while “the role of a head of state is to solve problems and cultivate national harmony”.

While the vaccination pass must be definitively adopted by the National Assembly in a few hours, the president of the Association of Mayors of France, David Lisnard, believes at the microphone of the Grand Rendez-vous Europe 1 / CNews / Les Échos, that this health tool “is also used as a political weapon”.

Macron must “settle the problems and cultivate national harmony”

To support his point, the one who is also the LR mayor of Cannes returns to the interview of Emmanuel Macron with the readers of the Parisian transcribed in the newspaper, the same one who started the controversy with the sentence of the Head of State saying he “wants to piss off the unvaccinated”. For David Lisnard, this transcription “which has been reread, corrected, validated by the Élysée, aims to polarize and stimulate what is negative in us”.

“We are all exasperated when we are deprogrammed in the hospital because people do not get vaccinated and they take places when we see caregivers who are saturated. But the role of a head of the State is about solving problems and cultivating national harmony. [publiés] concomitantly with the filing of a text of law which establishes the measure, we divide.

A health pass that arrives “late”

But in terms of health, the vaccine pass does not seem to be struggling somewhat to find favor in the eyes of David Lisnard. “It’s too late, I think it’s late,” he says. “I would have targeted public policy on vaccination, it is absolutely necessary, it is very effective, because it prevents death and it gives air to hospital staff”. From there to push the cursor to compulsory vaccination? Without crossing this delicate threshold, David Lisnard advances that with regard to “comorbid and very old people, it is a hypothesis”. But this must be done “after targeted work on these people which is not done”.

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