For Elisabeth Borne, “I don’t think that freezing prices is the right method”

The Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne returned, Friday March 25 on Europe 1, to the presidential campaign but also the measures related to purchasing power, RSA and pensions.

This Friday, March 25, is the G7 summit on the conflict in Ukraine. Emmanuel Macron, great leader of Europe, is present there, which makes him, once again, avoid the presidential campaign. On Europe 1, Elisabeth Borne reacted to an article in “L’Opinon” which collected the words of someone close to the president who speaks of him as someone “tired”: “There is clearly no motivation problem. He campaigns when he can. Nobody would understand that he is not mobilized on the major issues for our country and Europe but he participated in public broadcasts, spoke to the French. »

She added on this aspect: “There is a particularly serious international situation, he must be on the bridge to protect the French as he did. He is very mobilized, very determined to carry this project and this program” and said that she has “no doubts that he could get more involved in the campaign, at the same time, we are all mobilized to carry a project we believe in. »

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Journalist Dimitri Pavlenko then got to the heart of the matter: the measures proposed by the president-candidate concerning the RSA. The Minister declared that “we cannot be satisfied with giving an allowance, we need support to enable everyone to get by and find a job. This is what we do with the youth employment contract where we offer support for those under 25 to discover trades, with training. No one can be satisfied that we have 40% for five years of RSA beneficiaries. »

What’s next after this ad

“Those who propose to leave at 60, I would like them to explain to me how they do it,” she said.

She also affirmed that it was necessary “to pool our forces to better support job seekers towards employment”, that “the State is responsible for employment” but also “that people are vulnerable and go from one counter to another is not optimal. So “France travail” makes it possible to settle this. “After having suffered criticism on this redesign, seen for the opposition and the commentators “The objective is clear: to be more efficient, simpler, to offer global support. We must provide a complete response to people in difficulty. »

Then came the question of full employment, one of the most important themes for the French: “President-candidate Emmanuel Macron said it, we were halfway there. In France we are not condemned to have unemployment above 5%. We have created a million jobs during this five-year period and we must continue. The Minister continued: “We must support job creation and there are measures such as lowering production taxes to create jobs and allow everyone to have access to them. »

And purchasing power? Is price freeze a permanent solution? “I don’t think price locking is the right method. Fuel prices have been reduced by 15 cents and discussions are needed in companies to raise salaries, such as the minimum wage. »

What about raising the retirement age to 65? 69% of French people are opposed to it…: “If we propose this measure, gradually at age 65, it is because we have to finance our pension and social protection system. Those who propose to leave at 60, I would like them to explain to me how they do it. »

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