For François Bayrou, “the country’s problems do not come from outside”

Towards a reshuffle of the government? For several weeks, rumors have been swelling on the subject, with one question: who could replace Elisabeth Borne at Matignon? Guest of the Grand Rendez-vous d’Europe 1/ CNews/ The echoes, the president of the Modem, François Bayrou, returned to the subject. Close to Emmanuel Macron, the High Commissioner for Planning would have threatened to leave the majority if a former member of the Republicans, like Gérald Darmanin or Sébastien Lecornu, was appointed Prime Minister. If he refutes this rumor, François Bayrou insisted on the need, according to him, that “the inspiration of the government” is in a “central base, while there are extremes on each side”, when “the country’s problems do not come from outside” but “from within”.

“Overcoming the clashes” between the right and the left

For him, the election of Emmanuel Macron in 2017 “is not an accident”. “We came out of the right versus left confrontation which was deleterious, destructive for the country. And we moved on to a completely different vision which the President of the Republic called ‘overcoming’, which I call ‘central’. This vision, it makes it possible to propose to the country an orientation and a project which go beyond the confrontations”, he analyzes.

“For 30 years, we have experienced things that have prevented the country from facing difficulties in time. We have talked about immigration, we have talked about external pressures from Europe… The country’s problems do not come not from the outside, do not come from immigration, do not come from Europe, do not come from planetary imbalances… The country’s problems come from within. It is because for decades, we have not been able to straighten out our National Education, we have not been able to find the paths of production, we have not been able to find a lasting social contract… because alternation after alternation, the successive majorities spent their time destroying one after the other what we had done”, adds François Bayrou.

“The main divide is responsibility versus irresponsibility”

For the president of the Modem, “the main cleavage today is responsibility versus irresponsibility”. “When you present to the citizens theses according to which, they have nothing to do with the difficulties of the country, but it is the fault of one side of the richest because they confiscate the wealth of the country and when on the other side, you say, it’s the fault of foreigners, it’s the fault of immigration, you are irresponsible”, concludes François Bayrou, pointing the finger at the National Rally and France Insoumise.

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