For François Bayrou, “the entire right and far-right opposition supported Putin”

Guest of the Grand Jury on RTL, the mayor of Pau François returned to the Ukrainian conflict, violently criticizing the French right for his comments of yesteryear on Vladimir Putin and said he sponsored Marine Le Pen out of democratic concern.

It is a revived François Bayrou who made his appearance in front of the journalists in the studios of RTL. The boss of the Modem began by condemning the Russian invasion and was delighted to have “already received proposals from families in Pau who told me that they wanted to welcome Ukrainians”. Then, after a short presentation on the appalling situation in Kiev – and which is taking shape in the world -, the close friend of outgoing President Emmanuel Macron unleashed the heavy artillery against the right and the far right: “That’s all a piece of naivety that is collapsing. All those who believed that Putin was a reliable interlocutor – Fillon, Le Pen, Zemmour, Mélenchon -…it’s incredible”, taxing these politicians as “zealots of Russian propaganda”, castigating the fact that “we buy officials: Schroeder, Fillon” and even making a daring connection with the darkest hours of history: “At other times of war, there were also people who were in good faith with other dictators”. While the mayor of Pau called NATO a “moderately effective defensive alliance”, he said he had always seen the Russian president and Russia’s actions as “a real threat”, slipping in passing: “I know the madness men. It is a serious threat. What Putin has done shows a personal imbalance, a deep drift. »

“A little twinge in the heart”

While the far right has displayed without complexes, for years, its closeness and its idolatry for the Russian dictator, it is François Fillon – and Valérie Pécresse at the same time – who have been the most criticized: “Valérie Pécresse it’s François Fillon, it’s the same policy […] I never heard him oppose it […] She said “he left politics, there are a lot of French people working in Russia, we have to leave him alone” But, Mr. Ciotti, what are his positions? […] the entire right and far-right opposition backed Putin. “He then ended with a question:” There was complacency on one side and confrontation on the other, it is not the same thing […] If Fillon had been elected in 2017, what situation would we be in today? »

Forty minutes later, François Bayrou returned to the sponsorship controversy and said that he had organized a big plan – the sponsorship bank – to bring democracy to life. As a reminder, Marine Le Pen only received 414 sponsorships, 415 for Éric Zemmour: “Democracy in France is one of the elements that will allow us to reconcile the country one day. I am radically opposed to the theses of these three candidates but I say that they must take part in this election. »

Proud of his action, “a remarkable success because 400 elected officials joined it”, the mayor of Pau reiterated that “signature is not worth support” before launching in turn: “I have decided to take my part in this load and I will give my signature to Madame Le Pen because it is she who lacks one more voice and it is the one in the lead in the polls”, specifying, tightly pressed: “not without a twinge in the heart”.

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