“For having seen the prices…”: Teddy Riner speaks out on the Olympic ticket controversy and provokes a rapid reaction

By Thomas Martin


A great sports fan, he likes to know what is hidden in the lives of athletes, but does not neglect film or singing stars. After a long journey in the Canadian far north, he returned more determined than ever to see what was going on among the people of France and elsewhere.

Guest of the show “What a time!” This Saturday, February 24, Teddy Riner took the opportunity to give his opinion on the controversy surrounding the price of tickets for the Paris Olympics. The judoka also expressed his disappointment regarding the few places granted to athletes for their loved ones, before the Minister of Sports, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, responded to him on social networks.

Teddy Riner © France 2, What an era!

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He was the distinguished guest on this February 24 show and he did not fail to get people talking about him. This Saturday evening, 5 months before what should be the competition of his life, Teddy Riner came to answer Léa Salamé’s questions on the set of What a time! The 34-year-old champion has won everything in his career and his track record is as long as his arm, but next August, the pressure will be special. “It’s going to be something and I think that for any athlete or any French person, when there is a big event at home and we can be a part of this great event, we want to do it. live, we want to defend it”declares the colossus, currently far from his ideal weight and who has revealed the number of kilos he must lose before the Olympics.

Questioned on many subjects, Teddy Riner also wanted to silence fantasies about athletes who would benefit from numerous places for their loved ones. “The champion that I am, everything I brought back to the (judo) federation: I have the right to two places…, he says, causing a wave of astonishment in the audience and among the guests. Words which caused a lot of noise and to which the Minister of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, wanted to react this Sunday morning on X (formerly Twitter). “Don’t worry Teddy Riner, you will have 6 places for your entouragefor each of your sessions!”she replies to the judoka, adding that he will be in the same boat as all other French athletes. “For the State, it’s an effort of more than €1.6 million”she specifies.

Teddy Riner believes that ticket prices are not excessive

Words that should please the champion, who also wanted to return to a controversy that is close to his heart, the price of tickets for the Olympics. Some strongly criticized the sometimes exorbitant prices for certain competitions or for the opening ceremony. “I hear: ‘Ticketing is expensive,’ and I’m not defending anyone. It’s my fifth Games. The Olympic Games are still expensive and having seen the prices, they made the effort so that it was not very expensive for everyone (…) I assure you that having experienced the Olympic Games, we are no more than anywhere else”assures Teddy Riner.

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