For her 75th birthday: Duchess Catherine photographed Camilla for a magazine cover

For the Duchess’ 75th birthday
Duchess Catherine photographed Camilla for the cover

For a special occasion, Duchess Camilla would like Duchess Catherine to take the photos of her.


Duchess Camilla can be seen on the cover of “Country Life” magazine for her 75th birthday. The photo was taken by Duchess Catherine.

On the occasion of her 75th birthday on July 17, 2022, Duchess Camillaat the 125th edition of the British glossy magazine “Country Life” work as a guest editor. For the cover, the future royal wife was even photographed by her daughter-in-law, Duchess Catherine, 40.

Duchess Camilla gardening

The Duchess of Cornwall is pictured in the garden of her country home, Ray Mill House, in Wiltshire. She bought the house in the 1990s after her divorce from Andrew Parker-Bowles, just 17 miles from Prince Charles’, 73, Highgrove House. Camilla wears a light blue, floral summer dress with a shirt collar and a sky blue cardigan in the photo. In her hand she holds a wooden basket with cut flowers and garden tools and smiles friendly at the camera. Camilla wanted Catherine to photograph her for the cover. According to Country Life, the photo reflects the “true joy that country life brings to the Duchess of Cornwall.”

Behind the scenes of the photo shoot

The “Clarence House” Twitter account also provides a look behind the scenes of the photo shoot: Duchess Catherine can be seen in jeans, white sneakers and a vintage red jacket as she kneels to photograph Camilla.

The 40-year-old has shown off her photography skills on several occasions, including posting some private snaps of her children and family. In 2020 she also photographed Holocaust survivors with their grandchildren on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

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