For its physical copies of Windows 11, Microsoft recycles Windows 10 USB keys

Mathieu Grumiaux

May 23, 2022 at 5:05 p.m.


Windows 11 logo banner #disc

© Microsoft

The publisher has been offering its latest operating system in physical format and seems to have some stocks of USB keys to sell.

If the majority of users have recovered Windows 11 via the Microsoft download system, the publisher offers those wishing a physical copy of their system to buy a copy in the form of a USB key.

At Microsoft, nothing is lost, everything is recycled

Some obviously jumped at the chance and ordered a copy to see what Microsoft was offering for between 140 and 160 euros, depending on the edition chosen.

Surprise when opening the box, the keys offered by Microsoft do not display the new logo imagined by the publisher for Windows 11, but the old Windows 10. Better still, a sticker with the inscription Windows 11 has been glued directly to the key.

The publisher preferred to reuse its stock of unsold keys rather than create new ones for the occasion. The planet will appreciate, even if Michael MJD, who made a video of it, indicates that he thought of a fake when he saw the visual proposed by Microsoft on Amazon.

For the rest, Microsoft has still developed specific packaging in the colors of its latest OS, with a few booklets glued to the cardboard that allow you to familiarize yourself with the new interface.

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