For its second year, Hitman 3 is aiming for rogue-like terrain

Also available on January 20, this first mode is called “Elusive Target Arcade” and complicates these quests by asking the player to succeed in several consecutive executions and in order, each completed assassination contract unlocking the next one. In case of failure, the player will have to wait 12 hours before trying his luck again by starting from the beginning. A mechanic that sets the stage before the spring launch of Freelancer mode, which takes him Hitman 3 towards the middle of roguelike. Here, it will be possible to customize a brand new map which is none other than the hideout of this dear Agent 47. As in a headquarters, the player can here test his weapons in a shooting range and prepare for all his missions. .

After the PS VR, the universe of Hitman will also be carried away in virtual reality on PC from January 20, knowing that Hitman and Hitman 2 are always accessible as soon as one has Hitman 3, which will make its debut on Steam on January 20. The collection Hitman Trilogy will be available the same day on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC and, we just learned, for all Game Pass subscribers. All the details on the program for this second year of content can be found on the IO Interactive website.

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