For “Juju” Denormandie it’s family first

A time anticipated for Matignon, the Minister of Agriculture declined all offers from the Head of State and decided to retire from political life. At least for a while.

This Friday, May 20 at the end of the day, when he completes his handover speech with Marc Fesneau, his successor, the French and European flags behind him fly away. Julien Denormandie rushes to pick them up and jokes: “Obviously the Republic does not want me to leave! Emmanuel Macron tried everything to retain his Minister of Agriculture, who was his deputy chief of staff at Bercy from 2014 to 2016. He offered her the job of her choice in the government, including the economy, and a title of minister of state. In vain. Julien Denormandie had made his decision several weeks ago and decided, after ten years of intense work (in the ministerial cabinet then in the government), to hang up. “It’s the choice of the heart: I missed my family too much and I missed them too much,” he wrote in a message on Twitter. It is now to her that I want to devote most of my energy. »

At 41, this father of four children (two girls and two boys) aged 5 to 14 wants to reinvest his personal life, be present on a daily basis, accompany them to school, take advantage of large family gatherings… “His wife will set up a box in the field of fish farming. She managed everything for years, it’s up to him to take over now, ”slips a member of his team. One of her collaborators welcomes “a fairly modern decision on the part of a forty-year-old on the rise in his career” and hopes that this will serve as an example…

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It is often said that this ministry is that of crises, I confirm it and I paid to see

Already in 2017, the day after the presidential victory, he almost stopped. Gaspard, his youngest, had just been born, and he wanted to be more present. But the President of the Republic had succeeded in convincing him. “There is a lot of nobility to stop, especially after having committed so much, especially in this second campaign where he was hyperactive”, underlines François Patriat, leader of the Macronist senators, who considers him as one of the rare capable of standing up to the Head of State. “He will take one or two sabbaticals and will return to finish the five-year term alongside Emmanuel Macron as Prime Minister,” he predicts with a smile.

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“It is often said that this ministry is that of crises, I confirm it and I paid to see: the avian influenza, the drought, the frost, the crisis of the pig, that of the beets, the bark beetles and so many other events…” recalled Julien Denormandie when leaving and taking stock of his twenty-two months in this position. Much appreciated by the agricultural world and its teams, “Juju”, as the walkers call him, did not wish to become a candidate for the legislative elections either.

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