For Manon Aubry, Adrien Quatennens “is ultimately the product of patriarchy”

Yanis Darras
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3:39 p.m., September 23, 2022

Manon Aubry, MEP from rebellious France, was the guest this Friday morning from Europe matin. Asked about the Quatennens affair, the MEP explained that she “wants to do better” to protect women within the party, recognizing that the latter does not escape patriarchy and that “in fine, (Adrien Quatennens) is the product of the patriarchy”.

The Quatennens affair continues to shake rebellious France. The deputy from the North, targeted by a handrail for domestic violence on the part of his wife, has stepped back from his post as party coordinator. Asked this Friday morning at the microphone of Europe 1, MEP Manon Aubry wishes “to want to do better against violence against women within the party”.

“We can do better”

“We can do better in our organizations (…) which do not escape patriarchy”, recognizes Manon Aubry. And to add: “Adrien Quatennens is part of a society that produces this type of behavior. So, yes it is the product (Adrien Quatennens editor’s note) of the patriarchy”, she recognizes.

Faced with the situation, the MEP France insubordinate is not against the idea of ​​outsourcing the Monitoring Committee against sexist and sexual violence of the party (CVSS). “We can do better by thinking, for example, about external support that strengthens the confidence that we can have in the referral to the committee, so that there is not a relationship of political domination”, she underlines. .

Working with Nupes

But in the face of controversy, Manon Aubry wants to be optimistic: “Yes, I think we can do better. I think we can do better with others within the Nupes (left alliance). is because we want to make the fight against violence against women a priority, that we are seizing the subject. So, I tell you, I think that in the coming months, we can all work together to improve our internal frameworks “, she concludes.

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