For Russia in Ukraine: German manager travels to occupied territories as “election observer”.

For Russia in Ukraine
German manager travels to occupied territories as an “election observer”.

Purely private and just to get an idea: This is how the head of a Hessian energy supplier describes his trip to the sham referendums in the Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia. Russia’s media reported extensively on his stay as an election observer. The crisis meetings begin at home.

The Hessian district of Waldeck-Frankenberg has expressed its horror at the trip made by the head of the local energy supplier as a so-called election observer for Russia during the forced referendums in several occupied areas of Ukraine. There had previously been several reports that Stefan Schaller, Managing Director of Energie Waldeck-Frankenberg (EWF), had traveled to Ukraine. Of the “Hessian/Lower Saxony General” Schaller confirmed the trip. The district and companies are now discussing how to proceed in crisis meetings.

He wanted to “get a picture of the situation on site”. Among other things, because he “believes that objective information can never be wrong,” as quoted by the newspaper. The trip is purely private and has nothing to do with his work as managing director of the supplier. According to the Russian agency, Schaller held out mug in Melitopol. in one another tweet she quoted him as saying that the votes took place freely and without pressure on the citizens.

The District Administrator and EWF Supervisory Board Chairman Jürgen van der Horst announced consequences on. “Russia’s forced referendums in Ukraine are hypocritical and contrary to international law and a pretext to appropriate the Russian-occupied territories in Ukraine. We strongly condemn this illegal annexation.”

The district is currently examining Schaller’s trip “very critically”. This and “the activity of accompanying the sham referendum as an election observer can be interpreted as legitimizing the process, which violates international law”. The district administrator pointed out that the Russian news agency used the stay for propaganda purposes. According to the further information, the committees of the district will therefore be advised during the course of the day. Furthermore, the EWF supervisory board is to decide on the “future of the management” on Monday.

The newspaper also reports that Schaller was already in 2021 in the Russian republic of Komi as an observer at the Duma elections. According to his own statements, he was invited then and now at the suggestion of the Russian Communist Party. Travel and accommodation were each financed by the Russian state.

Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin announced the “referendums” in his TV speech on Wednesday. They began on Friday in the separatist areas of Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass and in the southern Ukrainian regions of Kherson and Zaporizhia. The “referendums” are scheduled to run until Tuesday, after which a rapid annexation by Moscow is expected. Internationally, the approach is met with massive protests. The West has already announced that it will not recognize the results.

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