“For the big commission too?” : toilets, showers… the lifestyle of Gilles Verdez is appalling

On the Touche plateau not at my post this Thursday, February 2, Gilles Verdez made revelations about his hygiene. The other columnists were particularly shocked.

For once, it was time for confidences on the Touche set, not at my post. But this Thursday, February 2, the columnists of Cyril Hanouna were not asked about their sentimental status. Instead, the C8 host wanted to know more about their hygiene habits after talking about an influencer who explained that she only washes twice a week. Cyril Hanouna has decided to bounce back on this subject by unveiling a study on the daily practices of the French. While 80% of women and 73% of men said they showered at least once a day, other people were much less specific. 20% of men surveyed only take two or three showers a week. Like them, Gilles Verdez does not want to waste water on a daily basis.

“I reduce as much as possible. In the world, people die of thirst. Do you know that? So I save water”began the columnist provoking the ironic laughter of Cyril Hanouna: “Soon, you will have partners who will die of asphyxiation!” But the host and his columnists were not at the end of their surprise. In addition to not washing every day, Gilles Verdez is also careful not to over-consume water… when he goes to the toilet. “I made a radical decision, I no longer flush the toilet, well, once in two. And I turn off the water so I can’t do it”, he launched on the plateau of Touche not at my post. A confidence that particularly shocked Géraldine Maillet. “And for the big commission too?”, she asked him before Matthieu Delormeau spoke: “Why you don’t do your business directly on the carpet? You’ll save time!”

Gilles Verdez: “I try to reduce, I have to”

Too bad for the opinion of his colleagues, Gilles Verdez uses water “the least possible”. “I try to reduce, I have to, the world needs us to reduce our water consumption. So I compel myself to do so…”, he concluded. Like Gilles Verdez, Benjamin Castaldi also made some revelations about his lifestyle. “I only wash my hair once a month”, explained the companion of Aurore Aleman. Surprised or even shocked by this confidence, Cyril Hanouna and Delphine Wespiser rushed to Benjamin Castaldi. Their objective ? Smell his scalp to find out if it smelled bad or not. And if the former Miss France believed to recognize “a stale smell”, the host of Touche not at my post went even further: “You put your head in your ass”.

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