For the Easter breakfast: anti-globber trick makes the fried egg perfect

For Easter breakfast
This anti-globber trick makes the fried egg perfect

You don’t have to turn your fried egg so that the egg white cooks through.


Soft yolk, but no runny egg white: If you want to succeed in this fried egg balancing act, you should definitely try this pan trick.

Frying a fried egg is not necessarily part of high culinary art. Still, getting the beaten egg to the perfect consistency can be tricky. Because many want their breakfast egg without egg white goo, but with runny yolk.

No goo, but liquid core – that’s how many people like their fried egg best

So that your next egg is served like it is in a 5-star hotel in the morning, we show you a simple but effective trick in the video that really makes the fried egg perfect. Try it yourself!

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