For the sales, this Samsung Neo QLED TV (mini LED) is 700 € cheaper

[Le Deal du Jour] Samsung’s latest lineup of QLED TVs has thrust mini LED into the limelight. During the winter sales, the Neo QLED 55QN97A model from the Korean brand is offered at 1,390 euros instead of 1,990 euros, thanks to an ODR.

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With its Neo QLED TV range launched in 2021, Samsung has opted for a small revolution: switching to mini LED to try to compete with the incomparable OLED and its infinite contrasts. Multiplying smaller LEDs is actually supposed to dramatically increase image quality. The 55QN97A model is one of its representatives, and its other advantage is its price, which not only benefits from a promotion during sales, but also from a cashback offer.

Initially displayed at 1,990 euros, then reduced to 1,590 euros, the Samsung Neo QLED 55QN97A TV costs 1,390 euros at Boulanger thanks to an ODR of 200 euros offered by the brand.

The Samsung Neo QLED QN97A TV. // Source: Samsung.

To better understand the offer

  • What does the mini LED bring in this Samsung Neo QLED QN97A TV?

Equipped with mini LED technology, the Samsung Neo QLED QN97A TV concretely embeds LEDs that are much smaller than those traditionally used in its backlighting system. It is therefore possible to place a larger quantity, and therefore to cover more areas. Result: the backlighting is more precise, the contrasts much more detailed, and the peak of brightness is really improved. With such technology, Samsung is getting closer to the quality allowed by OLED, even if we still find a slight effect of blooming (this unpleasant luminous halo effect around light objects on a dark background).

  • What other features does this TV have?

The Samsung Neo QLED QN97A TV still has many other advantages, starting with its 55-inch diagonal, which is undoubtedly the most comfortable for enjoying content without filling up all of its space with your television. On the design side, we are entitled to a screen of great finesse, with a solid, but sober foot. Another (very) good point: this model is equipped with a very compact OneConnect box, which brings together all the ports necessary for operation, so that there are no longer any unsightly intertwining wires.

Regarding image quality, this 4K UHD TV provides compatibility with HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG formats, but ignores Dolby Vision. On the audio side, the model incorporates the Object Tracking Sound+ sound system, which allows the sound to follow the movement of an object or a person on the screen thanks to the various speakers placed all around the television. Enough to promote immersion during film sessions at home. Regarding its operating system, the television runs under Tizen, which will provide many reference applications.

  • And what is it worth in gaming?

The Samsung Neo QLED QN97A TV is perfectly suited to video games. First of all because it offers no less than 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, which will allow [email protected] frames per second. The VRR, or the variable refresh rate, will also be part of it and will prevent screen tearing phenomena. Other advantages: the presence of the ALLM (auto low latency mode) feature, which allows the TV to automatically switch to game mode by detecting a console, as well as the AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certification.

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