For under 200 euros: This Android tablet from Aldi becomes a notebook in no time


Aldi currently offers an inexpensive Android tablet in its online shop. Thanks to extensive accessories, you can even transform it into a laptop.

On offer at Aldi: Medion 10 Tablet E10900 (Source: MEDION)

Aldi’s online shop has had some new technology offers since January 30th. Among other things, the discounter offers an Android tablet from Medion for 179 euros. The device comes with a keyboard case and an input pen – so it can also be used ideally for emails etc.

The tablet with pen relies on the Mediatek MT8766A. This is a quad-core processor that clocks at up to 2 gigahertz. It is supported by three gigabytes of working space and 32 gigabytes of device storage. The display is 10 inches in size and has a full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). The built-in battery has a capacity of 6,000 milliamp hours.

A highlight of the tablet is the integrated cell phone module, which allows you to access the Internet even without WiFi. In addition to Bluetooth and GPS, stereo speakers and a microphone are also included. In combination with the two cameras, the device can also be used for video chats.

Thanks to its simple features, the tablet is particularly suitable for office, emails, surfing or streaming. Thanks to the pen, you can also use it for notes, painting or drawing. Of course, even small games are no problem. The device is not suitable for performance-hungry applications, such as video editing or demanding image editing.

MEDION 10 Tablet E10900
  • Quad core processor

  • Full HD display with 1,920 x 1,200 pixels

  • Includes Bluetooth keyboard & passive pen

Aldi offers the Medion tablet with accessories for 179 euros. A good price, because the device costs at least 239 euros from other retailers.

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