Forbes lists its ranking of millionaires in their thirties on Ethereum

Ethereum under 30. The rankings follow one another and blockchain technology is establishing itself as an essential driver of the current and future economy. In any case, this is one of the results of the latest ranking of “ 30 under 30 » produced each year by the magazine Forbes. An edition during which was also initiated a wall of shame, almost tailor-made for Sam Bankman-Fried. And in order to demonstrate its resolutely innovation-oriented nature, Forbes announces its inclusion for posterity on the Ethereum blockchain.

Forbes wants to continue exploring blockchain technology

Forbes magazine is not its first attempt in the cryptocurrency sector. In fact, she has narrowly escaped an IPO – aborted in June 2022 – which could have make Binance one of its main shareholders. And in view of the current situation, this retraction must seem all the more beneficial to him.

But Binance’s regulatory setbacks do not call into question the many technological advances brought by the blockchain. The last of them is called tokenization.Or Real World Assets (RWA) for the most intimate. With a horde of talented young entrepreneurs now populating the rankings 30 under 30 from Forbes.

Forbes wants to continue exploring blockchain technology
Forbes publishes the 30 under 30 rankings in many areas each year – Source: Forbes

A meeting at the origin of a decision presented as historic. Because Forbes magazine wants to “continue to explore how blockchain technologies and Web3 can transform how we share, store and secure important information “. An entire program.

Forbes registers on the Ethereum blockchain

The goal of the operation is simple. It is about achieving what is presented as “ a first in the industry “. This in the form of permanent storage of its list 30 under 30 on the network Ethereum. The stated objective being to take advantage of the immutable character registrations made on this emblematic blockchain.

“Forbes is at the forefront of combining traditional media and cutting-edge technology. By launching the list 30 under 30 On the Ethereum blockchain, we not only recognize young, influential leaders; we also demonstrate the vast and untapped potential of blockchain technology in the area of ​​data storage and security. »

Vadim Supitskiy

Blockchain is therefore emerging as a use case applicable to many areas. Even Bitcoin appears to be of “national strategic importance” to US security. But that’s another fight…

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