Forbidden love – next generation: is the series about to end again?


Forbidden love – next generation
Is the series about to end again?

Wolfram Grandezka and Heinz Hoenig in "Forbidden Love – Next Generation".

© TVNOW / Julia Feldhagen

The new edition of "Verbotene Liebe" celebrates its finale next Monday. But what happens after that, will there be a second season?

On January 25, the tenth and, for the time being, last episode of the new edition of "Forbidden Love" can be seen on TVNow. With "Verbotene Liebe – Next Generation" the streaming service brought back the series that had been discontinued in 2015 at the end of November. The new edition also focuses on a forbidden love between two siblings, embodied by Sina Zadra (31) and Frederik Götz (32). The new cast is complemented by, among others, the heavyweight actor Heinz Hoenig (69).

"Nothing has been decided yet"

But many old stars of the series also celebrated a comeback, including Wolfram Grandezka (51) as Ansgar von Lahnstein or Jo Weil (43) as Oliver Sabel. But how will the series go on? “Nothing has been decided yet,” said those responsible when asked by spot on news. "In due course we will communicate whether and how the series will go into the next round or not. At the moment we are waiting for the final next week."

Grandezka is always ready for new episodes. "Ansgar and other intrigues. This question doesn't even arise … Of course …", he explained spot on news. Also Weil would be there again "without batting an eyelid". "I had a lot of fun filming and took my colleagues, in front of and behind the camera, to my hearts in no time at all."

All fans who had hoped to see the new episodes soon on Free TV will be disappointed: "There is currently no broadcast on Free TV planned – it has always only been for TVNow," said the broadcaster.