Forbidden love: The new lovers and the returnees finally confirmed

The series "Forbidden Love – Next Generation" will be shot from mid-July and finally there are details about new lovers and returnees.

Finally there are details about the highly anticipated new series "Forbidden Love – Next Generation" (TVNOW): According to the press release, the lovers Josefin Reinhard (Sina Zadra, 30, "Hot Dog") and Alexander Verhoven (Frederik Götz, 32, known from " Tonio & Julia ") at the center of the new episodes. At least the content reveals so much: "Alexander and his family find themselves in the middle of a whirlpool of love, power and wealth, great lies, abuse, betrayal, murder attacks and a lot of forbidden sex."

Confirmed as a returnee

However, what should interest fans of the original series a little more is the name of the returnee. "Ansgar von Lahnstein, known from the former 'Forbidden Love', will again cause a sensation with his intrigues in 'Next Generation'", says the announcement of the production. Lahnstein was and is embodied by actor Wolfram Grandezka (50, "Rote Rosen"). As the message also shows, further figures are likely to return.

The new, only "10-part series will be created from mid-July 2020" exclusively for the streaming service TVNOW "in Düsseldorf, Cologne and Belgium". "Forbidden Love – Next Generation" is to be broadcast in winter 2020.

In June 2020, it had been confirmed that the cult format would get a new edition. After over 20 years and 4,664 episodes, the popular ARD evening series ended in 2015.