forget Final Fantasy, its president has big plans

Since its merger/creation in 2003, Square Enix has still had some great successes. And with the recent appointment of a new president, there are many ambitions. See instead.

Former general manager of Japanese multinational communications company Dentsu, Takashi Kiryu arrived at Square Enix in 2020 as general manager of planning. Over the years, the man has climbed the ranks to the point of becoming the new president in March 2023 to replace Yosuke Matsuda. Obviously, this has an influence on the publisher’s future projects. This is also what we can see via a PDF on the financial results.

Change of course for Square Enix?

Thus, the Twitter account (X) Genki_JPN, specialist in video game news from Japan, mentions a question-and-answer session with Yosuke Matsuda. In it, we can discover juicy information on Square Enix’s objectives in the future. Notably, we can learn that the publisher plans to identify existing IPs with the potential to be promoted to AAA status, taking into account the return on investment. We can therefore expect to see new big games show up, if the results are there. Beyond the failure of AAA Forspoken, we can think of licenses like Octopath Traveler II which are successes and which could correspond to this kind of ambition. Everything is finally possible.

Moreover, to give itself the means, Square Enix is ​​also counting on a greater depth of portfolio.
This means that the company plans to continue to enrich and diversify its product catalog, developing a diverse range of projects each with their own value and potential. This strategy aims to ensure increased stability and sustainable growth over the long term. This aligns with their other aspiration to further increase the profitability of the company, as explicitly stated: “optimize overall profitability”. We can assume that Forspoken is carefully scrutinized here. We can therefore imagine that Square Enix will place more emphasis on its proven successes, such as (at random), its iconic Final Fantasy franchise.

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