forget playing hide and seek with your remote control thanks to this new function

Google introduces a new feature to find lost Google TV remotes. With Android 14 for TV, a “Find Remote” tool will be available. However, not all existing devices will benefit from this update.

walmart remote control
Source: Walmart

Google TV has recently undergone several significant developments. The integration of artificial intelligence Gemini now allows ultra-personalized series and film recommendations by refining the suggestions according to the tastes and interests of each user. In addition, a new magic button on the remote controls now allows quick access to favorite applications. However, despite these advances, there is still a lack of simple functionality but essential to resolve a common problem : easily find the latter when you have it lost.

Walmart, a brand similar to Carrefour in the United States, recently launched its Onn Google TV 4K Pro with several new features, including the ability to find a lost remote control. By pressing a small button on the front of the case, the remote control emits a beep and flash for 30 seconds. This feature, initially attributed to this big box, is actually part of Android 14 for TV.

No more losing the Google TV remote with this new function

Android 14 for TV includes a “Find my remote” feature – “Find my remote” – which allows you to locate it by emitting a sound if you have lost it. This feature is activated by pressing a button on the Google TV box, but only with compatible remotes that have a built-in speaker. Google is also considering allowing the use of voice commands to activate this function. However, bugs currently remain that prevent this tool from functioning optimally on certain devices, such as the Walmart Onn 4K Pro, where it does not always work correctly.

Google TV users will soon benefit from this new feature, provided their remote control is compatible. Older devices may not receive this update if they do not have the necessary hardware, such as a built-in speaker. This innovation allows the company to catching up on Apple TVwho proposes since 2015 a similar tool for the Siri remote that makes it easy to find thanks to a built-in location function.

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