Forget Starfield, Bethesda has another nugget for you

While for the moment Bethesda is fully on Starfield, it seems that little dad Howard has other surprises in store.

Starfield is clearly Bethesda’s current hobbyhorse and the game the studio is focusing a lot of effort on. However, Todd Howard, the strong man of the company, is teasing a completely different creation to raise the pressure around the Game Awards.

Todd Howard is impatient (and it’s not Starfield)

Within his podcast 342, Lex Fridman had the opportunity to have Todd Howard as special guest, the opportunity to talk about Starfield and the next The Elder Scrolls VI but also to evoke other surprises. The man was able to talk about a game he was “in love” with, stating that it is a brand new mobile game in development at Bethesda. So, after the excellent Fallout Shelter in a very good The Elder Scrolls: LegendsBethesda intends to do it again in the field.

Without necessarily giving more details, he explains all the same that according to him, the young generation of video game players prefers to sit in front of their phone rather than play on the big screen. A “beautiful justification” to explain the attention that Bethesda gives to this type of creation.

For the moment besides Starfield, The Elder Scrolls VI and IndianaJones, the studio teams are also on a mobile game, just to have something for all tastes and desires. It remains to know what it is and especially how it will present itself (management, strategy, adventure, etc.).

What do you think of the development of a brand new mobile game in this studio? Are you fond of this type of production?

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